We prepare our students to solve societal issues, to understand and address problems facing our justice and legal infrastructures, to be informed and participate in politics and analyze economic trends in our society and around the globe.

Online Programs 

Geographic Information Systems Certificate 

The Geographic Information Systems Certificate equips students to use technology (hardware and software) as well as data to unearth and explain relationships, patterns, entities and attributes related to geographic areas. As an ever-increasing number of professions are using technology to make data-driven decisions, the need for GIS-savvy technicians is growing rapidly.

Criminal Justice ​
Undergraduate Programs

The Auburn Montgomery undergraduate program in Criminal Justice offers the Bachelor of Science degree to the student seeking comprehensive education for a professional career in the justice and public safety field. This major provides broad academic preparation in both general education and advanced course work of a specialized nature in the criminal justice track.

Graduate Programs 

The College of Public Policy and Justice offers a Master's of Science in Criminal Justice. The college also offers a Criminal Justice Program that explores detailed analysis of our criminal justice system and provides students skills that apply to law enforcement, security, corrections and juvenile justice.

Homeland Security & Emergency Management

This program prepares today's military personnel, law enforcement, IT specialists, emergency management professionals and similar individuals to anticipate and handle threats to public security and safety.